USSD Roadmap

2024 Overview

DEX Listings
Introduction of our tokens on decentralized exchanges to foster broader accessibility and trading.
Enhancing Liquidity
Focused efforts on increasing the liquidity for both USSD and ICT tokens, ensuring more stable and efficient market conditions.
ICEBreaker Launch
Rollout of our local currency franchise, signaling the start of a novel, stablecoin-centric approach within the USSD ecosystem.
Web3 Application Development
Creation of a dedicated Web3 application tailored to facilitate interactions with the USSD ecosystem's smart contracts, including minting and redeeming of USSD tokens, ICT token minting processes, and staking mechanisms for both USSD and ICT tokens.
Marketing Initiatives
A robust marketing campaign to elevate brand visibility and user engagement.
Educational Outreach
Launch of educational programs designed to enhance the understanding and utilization of USSD tokens among users.
Expansion of ICEBreaker
Introduction of two additional local stablecoins under the ICEBreaker franchise.
Pre-Deployment Audit
Conducting a comprehensive audit as a precautionary measure before full deployment.
2025 Overview

ICEBreaker Stablecoin
Official launch of the ICEBreaker local stablecoin, marking a new era of digital currency stability.
Dual Bounty Audits
Implementation of two bounty audits to make USSD the safest asset in crypto.
Cross-Network Deployment
Extending our services to other EVM compatible networks to increase our reach and impact.
Investment in Insurance Capital
Directing funds towards the Insurance Capital Trust of USSD to bolster our financial backbone and user confidence.
Infrastructure Development
Significant investments in developing the infrastructure of the USSD ecosystem to support scalability and innovation.
Additional ICEBreaker Stablecoins
Launching four new local stablecoins, further diversifying our portfolio and meeting the needs of our growing user base.
2026 Overview

Massive Expansion of ICEBreaker
Introduction of eight new local stablecoins, demonstrating our commitment to providing a wide array of stable and reliable digital currencies to meet the diverse needs of our global users.