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USSD on Arbitrum

Diversify your portfolio with the most stable and fully decentralized stablecoin.

More stable than any other token
500% over-collateralization - every $1 in USSD is backed by $5 in other tokens.
USSD is a non-profit organization
Nobody can freeze tokens or manage the collateral.
Full transparency
Open-source code; passed Hacken and Sherlock security audits with the highest scores.

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What is USSD?

USSD is a censorship-free stablecoin that is fully backed by crypto. It is completely autonomous, over-collateralized, and anti-inflationary.

Advantages of USSD over other stablecoins

Unlike most stablecoins currently in the market, USSD is code-transparent, decentralized, and 100% backed by crypto.Some key benefits of USSD are:

1. 100% censorship-free: USSD is autonomous and not controlled by any entity. Nobody can freeze tokens or manage the collateral, and it is backed by decentralized crypto assets.

2. 100% backed by crypto: USSD is backed by well-known decentralized crypto assets and stablecoins such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and DAI. This makes it censorship-resistant and over-collateralized with a 500%+ projection.

3. 100% transparent: USSD is non-profit organization with equal profit opportunities.

4. Rewarding: Users are rewarded for holding USSD.

5. 100% insured: We introduced insurance capita through BGL to maintain a high over-collateralization ratio despite market downturns.

How can I get USSD?

You can buy USSD on via the Arbitrum network. Please note that you’ll need to pay very little gas fees in ETH (on Arbitrum) for transactions.

Follow these steps to get USSD:

1.  Connect your wallet
2. Make sure you have USDT on the Arbitrum network
3. Input the amount of USDT you want to swap for USSD (the exchange rate is ~1:1)
4. Approve the spending by signing the transaction on your wallet
5. Complete the swap

❗ In the case your USSD tokens don’t automatically reflect in your wallet, custom add it through this Arbitrum contract address: 0x33c88d4cac6ac34f77020915a2a88cd0417dc069

How does staking work?

Users earn rewards for holding and staking USSD. To find out more details about how the mechanism works,
read this. Please note that you’ll need to pay very little gas fees in ETH (on Arbitrum) for transactions.

Follow the steps below to stake your USSD tokens:  

1. To stake your USSD for interest, you’ll first need to buy USSD
2. After you’ve gotten your tokens, head over to the web app to stake them
3. Connect your MetaMask wallet or any wallet compatible with WalletConnect to the web app (Make sure you select the Arbitrum network on the wallet of your choice for instant connection and use the same wallet where you bought the USSD)
4. Set the amount of USSD you want to stake and select the “Stake USSD” option
5. Approve the transaction on your wallet
6. Relax and earn passive interest (rewards) on your staked USSD
7. Claim rewards at any time using the “Withdraw Reward” function
8. There is no minimum staking amount; unstake your USSD to your wallet at any time

What is the interest rate of staking?

Your real-time APR is always indicated at the top of your staking dashboard. APR is dynamic and depends on the total amount of staked tokens by all stakers. The earlier you are, the more rewards you stand to gain.

Why is USSD better than other stablecoins?
Has USSD been audited for security?

Our topmost priority is creating secure and reliable contracts for our users. To that effect, we have employed the help of diligent and renowned crypto auditors to thoroughly evaluate the USSD algorithm.

See our excellent results by:

Can’t find what you’re looking for, or think there’s something that needs to be added to this FAQ doc? Check our whitepaper, and if you still can’t find answers, ask your question on our Discord.