Crypto Community is dedicated to enhance security in the blockchain global economy. In every part of the world, cataclysms, crises, and wars are possible events. Our objective is to step by step equip humanity with decentralized financial tools, safeguarding their assets and progress. The cornerstone for the long-term development of human civilization is security. 


Code is the law:
Trust only proven by code. We advocate for open-source and blockchain projects exclusively. Code should be interchangeable.

Not your keys, not your coins:
Complete personal ownership responsibility. Sharing security with third parties often results in misuse, leading to instability and asset risks. We actively endorse initiatives promoting security education.

Bitcoin is money, everything else is credit:
Bitcoin has become the new gold.

Autonomy for Survival:
We believe that only fully autonomous instruments can survive in critical moments for the global economy.

Equal crypto opportunities for all:
Ensuring equal opportunities for every individual in the crypto economy is our fundamental belief. This principle underscores that the identity of the founder, whether in our community or any crypto project, is inconsequential.

Radical Transparency:
We operate solely on radical transparency, ensuring openness and clarity in our actions.

No intermediaries:
Involving humans as intermediaries introduces uncertainty and risk.

Encrypt Your Existence: Anonymity is Freedom
With more of our time and assets moving online, it's crucial to maintain anonymity and bolster our knowledge of cyber security. This safeguarding is the cornerstone of autonomy and the continued success of the community.